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You can’t go past a Mad Butcher sausage.

The Mad Butcher’s range of sausages, bacon and other small goods are made with our own delicious recipes, perfected over many years. Grab a pack from our classic range of value sausages, or you might like to try some of the new flavours in our premium Gold Label Range, such as Angus Beef, Chicken, Mexican or Thai. Don’t forget our range of quick and easy pre-cooked sausages, or grab some bacon for your morning fry-up. And did you know we also have the only NZ Heart Foundation Tick Approved sausages in NZ? (These are the Italian sausages from our Gold Label Range.)


Bringing you quality meat from NZ farmers.

At the Mad Butcher we genuinely care about ensuring our customers choose the very best meat New Zealand has to offer. Our carcass beef and lamb carries the NZ Quality Mark certification, all fresh pork sold is 100% New Zealand produced, and fresh chicken is supplied by Tegel – New Zealand’s premier chicken brand. All of our suppliers meet the highest standards of animal welfare.


BBQing, grilling and frying

Pat meat dry before frying, including marinated meats. Wet meat doesn’t brown well.

Before you put the meat on, make sure the surface of the pan or grill is hot. When you’re ready to turn the meat (which the purists say you should only do once), use tongs to help keep the juices in.

Give ‘em some room – use a big enough pan so meat’s not crowded while cooking, as this can slow down the process.

Is it ready?

When chicken is ready, the juices will run clear.

Always cover and rest red meat after cooking, to retain the juices. Resting time varies depending on the size of meat, and remember, meat will keep cooking once you’ve taken it off the heat, so be careful not to over-cook!

Before you cook

Don’t cook cold meat straight from the fridge – take it out about 30 minutes before you get sizzling.

Slow-cooking & stewing

Stewing or slow simmering can tenderise certain types of cuts and bring out their best flavours (use flank, brisket or chuck – avoid lean cuts as they’ll get tough when cooked this way).

Over-cooking can make the meat dry and stringy. If the sauce hasn’t reduced but the meat is tender, remove the meat (and keep it covered so it doesn’t dry out) and heat the sauce at a higher temperature to reduce. Then return the meat to the hot sauce. You can also use cornflour to thicken the sauce.

Carving your meat

When cutting or carving meat, always cut across the grain.

Christmas Cooking Tips

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to roast the pork can glaze the ham. Here is some very useful Christmas cooking tips:

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The Perfect Steak

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Marinated Roast Lamb

Marinated Roast Lamb, a great meal for any occasion

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The Mad Butcher gets Knighted

Sir Peter Charles Leitch (born 8 May 1944) is a New Zealand businessman, also known as The Mad Butcher. Although well known in New Zealand for the chain of butcheries he founded, Leitch is arguably just as well known for his charity, fundraising work and his promotion of rugby league.

Leitch is known for his work for charity and for his enthusiastic support of New Zealand rugby league, the Mangere East Hawks and the Warriors, which has increased the sport’s profile in New Zealand. He managed the Kiwi’s victorious Tri-Nations campaign in late 2005. In recognition of his support of the Warriors the club have retired the #19 jersey in his honour. The Mad Butcher Suburban Newspapers Community Trust is a fundraising vehicle he helped create to benefit charities. Leitch is chairman of the trust, and the deputy chairman is David Penny, general manager of Fairfax Media Suburban Newspapers Auckland. He has also fundraised for Allergy New Zealand, Diabetes Auckland, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Macular Degeneration New Zealand.