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Single Use Plastic Bags

Due to the change in single use Plastic Bag laws as from 1 July 2019 Mad Butcher stores will no longer offer single use plastic bags to customers from that date. In all Mad Butcher stores we will have re-use and recycle bag options along with chiller and shopping bags and we will be happy to accept any other re-usable bags to help all shoppers.

About Us

If you’re a Kiwi, chances are the Mad Butcher is as familiar to you as Christmas in the sun and wearing jandals from November ‘til April. The Mad Butcher was founded by the notable Sir Peter Leitch in 1971, and since then we’ve provided the meat for millions of Kiwi BBQs, roasts and other delicious meals.

At the Mad Butcher we believe in quality meat at a great price – that’s why all our carcass beef and lamb is NZ Quality Mark certified, our carcass fresh pork is 100% NZ grown, and our chicken is supplied by New Zealand’s leading poultry brand: Tegel. All meat is delivered to stores fresh each day, and cut and packed on site by skilled staff. You can’t get much fresher than that! In-store Master Butchers are available to cut meat to any requirement, along with providing advice on everything meat, from cooking to carving tips. We’re passionate about meat, and our friendly service will make every visit to the Mad Butcher a pleasure.


The Mad Butcher has always been a huge supporter of the local community – Sir Peter Leitch, the Mad Butcher himself – was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for service to the community in 1991. Even Pete himself doesn’t know how much he’s raised or personally given to charity, but it certainly runs to millions of dollars.

Quality meat, quality prices. New Zealand’s favourite butcher.

The Mad Butcher is a Kiwi favourite, and we’ve been providing top quality meat at great prices since 1971.

With 20 stores around the country, at every Mad Butcher you’ll find a selection of affordable meat as well as our premium range, with beef and lamb that’s NZ Quality Mark certified, 100% NZ-grown pork carcass and chicken that comes from the best Kiwi suppliers. At the Mad Butcher we really care about the welfare of animals and only want the very best conditions for them. All of our beef, lamb and pork carcass meats are purchased from New Zealand’s leading suppliers.